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The ‘Wisdom’ of U.S. policy in the Mideast

by Robert Anderson on Tuesday, December 20, 2011

1) The oil sanctions we’ve applied to Iran, Iraq & Libya benefited them greatly. This restricted their oil production into $20/bl-type economics. They’ll soon be producing these same resources into $150-200/barrel prices.

2) The Qadhafi regime we overthrew in Libya was anti-al-Qaeda. They probably won’t be anymore!

3) We overthrew Hussein in Iraq. With a majority Shiite population, their politics have since shifted away from the U.S. and toward their neighbor Iran.

4) Iran is unacceptable so we are tightening the sanctions there. This will drive up the price of oil. Iranian oil flows will shift from west to east.  It formerly flowed to the Mediterranean. The 3 biggest EU debt crisis countries Greece, Italy & Spain- were also the biggest recipients of Iranian oil in Europe. At the apex of the EU debt crisis, they will now scramble for higher cost alternatives. Any benefits from austerity programs will then flow to oil producers.

5) Saudi Arabia & the other GCC members (UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain & Oman) will be the biggest benefactors of tightened Iranian sanctions and this Mideast policy. al-Qaeda & extremist Wahhabism gets nearly 100% of their funding from Saudi Arabia & these GCC countries (as confirmed by State Dept docs & Wikileaks).

6) The U.S. will continue to spend as much money on protecting oil flows, fighting al-Qaeda and ‘defense’ as the rest of the world combined.

7) Hubris & ….